How to help keep your family safe during the Texas road closure

The Texas Department of Public Safety has declared a road closure for several days starting Thursday and closing many major roads, including the Interstate 35W overpass in downtown Austin, Interstate 35E, and Interstate 35H.

The state also is canceling several major events like the Dallas Cowboys and the Fiesta Bowl.

Here are some things to know: 1.

When do I need to expect the road closure?

The road closures will begin at 9 p.m.

PT, Thursday, Jan. 8, and will last until 4 a.m., Jan. 13.

They are expected to last for about three weeks.


How much traffic will there be?

Drivers should expect traffic volumes on the major Texas roadways to be heavy.

The Texas Toll Road and other major roads will be closed, and many parts of Austin and surrounding areas will be blocked off.

In some areas, such as the city of Plano, the city is shutting down its streets and parking lots for more than a day.

Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth will be in the dark as well.


How long does the road shutdown last?

There is a 24-hour road closure on I-35W from the I-10 corridor north to I-30 east and south.

There is also a 24 and a 48-hour highway closure on all of the I 20 and I 20 E side roads in Austin.


When can I get to work?

If you live in an area affected by the road closures, you can get to the office in just 30 minutes.

The road closings are expected in the next 24 hours.


What happens if I’m late?

If a driver needs to leave the road and is late for work, they are expected not to be ticketed.

However, if they have been issued a ticket for an unruly driver or other traffic infraction, they may be issued a court summons and are asked to appear in court.


What if I have to use public transportation?

The state will be distributing free ride cards to all drivers who have been impacted by the closures.


How do I report a road problem?

If your family is in need of immediate help, you should contact your nearest local emergency services or call 911.


What about my car?

If I am stranded on a highway and need to make an appointment to pick up my car, call your nearest public transportation agency.


What do I do if I see a police officer?

The Texas Rangers, Highway Patrol, Texas Department Patrol and other law enforcement agencies are being deployed to help with the road cleanup efforts.


Where can I go to find out more?

Here are the latest news from the Texas Department: 1 .

Texas DPS announces road closure to help reduce traffic and fuel costs 2.

Texas Department announces road closures for I-65, I-45E, I 30E, 35W, 35E and 35H due to road closures due to weather conditions 3.

I-55 closed at I-20 in Austin 4.

I 20 closed at the I 30 E side of Austin 5.

I 10 closed at Austin International Airport 6.

I 30 closed at Dallas International Airport 7.

I 35 closed at Hwy.

288 near I-40E in south Austin 8.

I 70 closed at Highway 6 and Highway 4 in north Austin 9.

I 25 closed at Interstate 35 north of Austin 10.

I 40 closed at south of Highway 288 in north Texas