‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 trailer is out! ‘Sonic Boom’ trailer is also out!

Sonic Boom season 5 premieres today and has already spawned plenty of buzz, with a new trailer being released, a new music video for “I Don’t Care,” and a new TV spot.

But what is the movie?

The trailer shows off a little of what’s to come, but the show’s creators are keeping mum about the plot until now.

That said, the official trailer does give us a look at the main characters, as well as some of the new characters.

It also shows off the city of Vale, where the film is set, and the events that will occur there.

We also get a glimpse of some of their more notable allies.

And yes, the trailer also includes a trailer for the show, which is currently airing on Syfy.

The new trailer features a mix of clips from the film and a few behind-the-scenes footage from the new show.

There’s a new logo for the franchise, the word “Sonic” appears on the new “Sons” logo, and there’s a photo of some members of the show (including Tommy and Amy).

Check it out below:

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