How to avoid ‘Black Friday’ traffic delays and traffic jams in WA’s Gold Coast

A rain-soaked day will bring the peak traffic for the weekend, with WA’s biggest city experiencing more than 10 times as many people travelling to and from work. 

However, there are some things you should know before you get started, including that there’s nothing stopping you from driving through the rain.

“Black Friday” is the unofficial term used to describe the busiest shopping and entertainment days in the year in Australia. 

There are no official peak-time closures but, as traffic on the Gold Coast becomes more congested, some roads will see more traffic than usual.

The WA Government has already announced it will be extending the “blackout” rule for the week of December 20-22. 

A total of 1,817 roads will be closed, with a further 3,500 more being closed on Monday, and 6,000 more closed on Tuesday. 

Drivers will be able to drive through traffic restrictions during this period, but motorists should only drive on the road if there is a sign saying “black” on the side of the road, and if you can see an official “black-out” sign in the car park.

The closure will last from 8am-7pm. 

The “blackouts” are expected to be more than two weeks, so the WA Government is expecting the disruption to be severe.

“The Blackouts are a massive undertaking for the WA Police and the Goldcoast Government,” WA Police Chief Inspector David Williams said.

“It will be a very significant disruption to the lives of many people and we expect that disruption to have a significant impact on our community.”

Our officers will be working with the City of Gold Coast and other Government agencies to manage this, and I want to reassure everyone that we will do everything we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our communities.” 

The Blackout rule is meant to help ensure drivers can move freely on roads, but there are a number of safety concerns. 

Some roads have already been declared closed for a number other road closures, including roads near the airport and Perth Airport.

For those driving on roads that are still closed, you can check out the “rules and restrictions” on WA Government websites.””

Blackout” is not a rule, but the rules will be enforced by police officers. 

For those driving on roads that are still closed, you can check out the “rules and restrictions” on WA Government websites.

“We are not going to be able, in all honesty, to predict exactly how the Blackouts will go on, but we can anticipate a significant reduction in the number of vehicles and people travelling, and we will be monitoring how things progress,” WA Government Roads Commissioner Nick Coghlan said.

The National Weather Service predicts the “Blackout-like” weather will be expected for the next couple of days. 

On Monday morning, heavy rain is expected, which will lead to a higher than usual number of road closures.

The rain and wind are expected by the time the rain passes, but WA’s roads will still be open for the most part.