How the road closures are affecting the winter commute

The road closures that are being imposed in South Australia will affect the entire state of Victoria during winter, a state transport minister has said.

Key points:The closure will take effect in the ACT and New South Wales on Monday, October 12, and in the Northern Territory on Monday October 16The ACT and NSW have imposed road closures in the past for the coronavirus pandemic, with Victoria now the only state to have not imposed a closure in recent weeksHowever, Transport Minister Steven Miles said the closure will only affect the ACT, New South, and Northern Territory, and not other parts of the state.

“There will be no disruption to other states, and this is for the benefit of the whole of Australia,” Mr Miles said on Thursday.

“We’re taking the time to make sure that people are getting the information they need to make decisions about what they need and not worry about having to get back in the car.”‘

We can’t have this happening again’The ACT has seen a number of high-profile coronaviruses in recent years, and many people are currently concerned about the potential impacts the coronvirus could have on their health.

The ACT Government is now facing the prospect of a new coronaviral pandemic in its region, with the government planning to close all major roads, including the ACT’s main arterial, to alleviate traffic congestion.

But the Government said that would only affect drivers in Victoria, and would not affect other parts and states.

“Victoria will not be affected by this,” Mr Mundine said.

“But if there is a disruption in other parts or states, that is not going to be affecting Victoria.”‘

It will not affect Victoria’Mr Miles said that the road closure was in response to coronaviolosis in New South Australia.

“New South Wales is facing an acute pandemic,” he said.

Mr Miles has also announced that all passenger and freight services will be cancelled in Victoria.

“The ACT will have to do its part,” he added.

“Our focus is on getting people through their workplaces, getting people back to work, and keeping people safe.”

The state of New South England also imposed road restrictions, with a number more roads closed than previously due to coronavalovirus.

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