How India’s state-owned television network got into trouble with the internet

The state-run television channel ‘Vivek Kannan’ was facing complaints from viewers when it launched a controversial programme on the eve of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, according to a report.

The programme, which aired on January 10, was titled ‘Grah-aap ko bhi kya aur sangeet bhi jagad ho hain’, which translates to ‘The truth is always there’.

It featured the Indian film actress Anupam Kher (who was banned from appearing in films in 2014 for wearing a niqab) who was on a visit to Delhi, where she had a conversation with a friend, who was a BJP leader.

Kher asked the friend if she was not allowed to go to the film festival because she was wearing a veil, which was against the religion of Islam.

Khan then asked the woman why she was being punished.

The friend replied that she was only wearing it because of the religion.

Kher said that if the film were shown in other countries, it would not be allowed.

The conversation continued and the audience was told that the film was ‘anti-national’.

The programme also showed the BJP leader’s daughter sitting in a chair in the middle of a road, wearing a hijab, which is banned in India.

The actress later claimed that the stunt was a publicity stunt.

In a statement on Tuesday, VK Media said: ‘Kher was invited by the film-makers and the filmmakers to discuss the film’s contents.

She was also asked to remove her hijab, a Muslim headscarf, and the film makers had to cut the video.

Kashmiri people were also offended by the content of the programme, the statement added.

‘The film makers apologised and said that the programme was a ‘propaganda film’.’

This is not the first time that the media has been criticized for such stunts.

In 2013, a film-maker from Maharashtra had to apologise after she went to a cinema to show her film ‘Achchi bhoomi’ which was banned in the country.

The company has faced numerous complaints about its news programmes over the years.

In 2014, a group of media personalities, including Vibrant Gujarat, which runs the state-backed news channel, ‘Vivaldi’, had written to the state government to ask for the programme’s cancellation.

Vivalda Vadher, the chairperson of the state TV channel, was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times that it was ‘not acceptable’ for a state broadcaster to broadcast programmes which are controversial and offensive to minority communities.

The channel has been a frequent target of online attacks by right-wing trolls who have called it a mouthpiece of the RSS.

Which new cars will be sold in 2018?

On the eve of the 2020 season, BMW announced the rebranding of its North American operations and the return of the BMW X3 to its US headquarters.

It is expected that the X3s that BMW will re-brand as X3, X5, X7 will have the X5 model as their most powerful model.

The X5 will be able to reach 60mph in a few seconds and the X7 is expected to have the same range of 200 miles, while the X6 will offer a larger interior and wider seating capacity, along with a range of different performance and styling options.

While the X4 is expected, BMW is also expected to announce the X8 and X9, which are expected to be a mix of new and old BMWs.

The BMW X4, X6, X8, X9 are all expected to offer the same performance and performance levels.

BMW is expected make a number of changes to the X2, X3 and X5.

The BMW X2 will have a rear-wheel drive platform, while its successor, the X9 will feature an all-wheel-drive platform.

In the future, BMW will also introduce a hybrid version of the X1, which will be offered as a new version of BMW’s M3 family.

BMW X1 is expected in 2020.

The car that was previously called the X-Drive will also be called the M3.

While the X 3 and X4 are expected in 2019, BMW X5 is expected for 2020.

BMW will bring the X 4 to the US market in 2019 and also launch a new X5 for the US.

The 2018 model will come with the same battery capacity as the 2018 X3.

BMW has also promised that the next generation of the M5 and X6 are expected for 2018, and BMW is likely to launch the M7 in 2019.

The 2018 X4 will be the biggest and most powerful BMW yet, and its successor will feature a similar powertrain and powertrain efficiency as the current model.

BMW plans to offer more powerful models in the future.

The X3 was the first BMW to make a big change to the interior design, replacing the traditional black and red bucket seats with a darker, blue-grey color scheme.

This change was meant to enhance the BMW badge, which is black, with a red, white and blue trim.

The new BMW X6 is expected with a more traditional BMW-style cabin.

The new X6 sedan will also have a longer wheelbase and longer wheel-base towing capacity, while also offering longer wheel lengths.

The M3 will be introduced as the XD in 2019 with the XM range being the XC model.

The upcoming BMW X8 will have two engine options.

The first is a diesel engine that is designed to power the BMW M3 sedan and M6 crossover, while a new hybrid version is expected.

The M3 M3, M6 M6, and XM are all planned to have a range that is around 60 miles and 200 miles respectively, while offering a variety of performance and style options.

In 2019, the BMW Z4 will make its debut, as BMW aims to produce a range around 80 miles and 300 miles.

The S4 will also make its first appearance in 2020, as the BMW is looking to bring a compact crossover and a compact sedan into production.

The 2017 BMW X7, XM, and S3 will all be introduced in 2020 and will have more powerful engines and a longer range.

BMW says that the new X7 and X7 M3 are expected.

How to make the most of your Colorado road trip

Road conditions can be tough for anyone, but if you’ve ever driven through the arid landscape of southern Colorado, you know how difficult it can be to stay out of the rain.

Road conditions in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park have been extremely bad for the last few years.

Roads have dried up, bridges have fallen over, and cars have been stranded in the snow for weeks on end.

The state is bracing for the possibility of even worse conditions, and the situation is becoming dire for travelers who want to get out of Colorado.

The park is getting a major update to its road map.

The new map is being made in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service.

The update comes as Colorado struggles with record snowfall in recent weeks and is being viewed as a critical step to getting rid of the drought that has caused some areas to lose 50 percent of their snowpack over the past two years.

“It’s not a good time to drive the road,” said Bob Smith, president of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Association of State Forests.

“We’re going to be facing some of the worst conditions we’ve seen in a while.

The snowpack is down to its lowest level in nearly 20 years, and we’re in a drought.”

Smith said road conditions in this region have gotten worse in recent years.

Since the mid-2000s, road conditions have improved and the region has been able to handle a bit more snowfall, he said.

However, the recent drought has left many roads in the region in dire straits.

“Road conditions are getting worse,” Smith said.

“The road is in a pretty bad state.

We’re talking about about the most extreme conditions we have seen in many years.

It’s a disaster for anyone who is trying to get on a road trip.”

The road map includes several updates to help travelers navigate the region.

The maps will also show you how to safely drive during bad conditions and how to prepare for the weather.

“People who drive in these areas, if they can’t handle it, it will be a challenge for them to get to work,” Smith added.

“I’m hoping that the road will be the first thing people see.”