When you don’t know where the road ends, the road does—and that means you have to stop and see it for yourself

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How to drive the DIRT road with rainbows

On the first day of the Australian Grand Prix, the road ranger in the rain, John Jones, was the first driver to start the race with a wet track.

In the rain the car was slow, but he was able to overtake the field and set the fastest lap, 0.078 seconds ahead of his team-mate. 

The team has since used the rainbows for their second-fastest race, which took place on Friday night.

The DIRT track is the second-best on the circuit, behind the Circuit de Catalunya. 

This is the only track where the rain has not been a problem.

DIRT is one of the few circuits in the world that uses an artificial grass strip, with the asphalt, gravel and dirt mixed into a single strip of concrete.

The tyres used are designed to resist the effects of rain, but there are also rubber pads and rubber skirts on the outside of the road. 

It takes 10 days for the rain to get through the rain-damaged surface and the road will only open for the first race at a time of year when there are fewer people on the track.

In Melbourne, it was raining the entire second half of the race, with only one tyre remaining.

During the first half of his debut season, the Australian was the quickest driver on the grid.

However, the rain continued to pour, and he only had five races to complete before the season ended.

He was the last driver to make the start, which was delayed by the start of the rain.

While his first race was a failure, his second one was a success, with Jones posting the fastest time of the season.

For the season, Jones has posted an average of 0.4sec faster than the fastest ever times he achieved in the wet.

Jones said he had been surprised by how quickly the track opened up.

“There were a few days where I was struggling with the rain,” he said.

I was happy to get a good result.” “

It has helped a lot.

I was happy to get a good result.”

Jones has not yet won the Dirt, which has three dry runs in the second half.

Ahead of the first dry race, on Thursday night, it is possible to start in the lead.

At the start the tyres are still wet and the track is still dry.

It is possible, however, to get away from the other drivers with the tyres.

When the car is in front of the pack, the driver should avoid passing the car in front.

If the driver is behind, he should keep the car to a safe distance from the car that is ahead.

Drivers are not allowed to overtake, but can overtake on the inside if they are behind in the middle of the lap.

After the first run, the car can start again with the first tyre still wet. 

A driver who does not start in front has to wait until the next race to start.

Only three races are run at a race pace.

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