The Lad, the Texas highway map with its weird roads

article An article on The Lad in The New York Times, published in late September 2016, noted that the road map in this Texas road map is “very odd.”

The road map lists every possible exit, with the last one marked on the map as “the last.”

(It should be noted that Texas has more than 2,000 exits in its roads.)

The Lad, however, lists every exit on the Texas road maps, including those that take you to a parking lot or off-ramp, and it lists every road in Texas on the maps, as well as some other places that are not listed on the road maps.

And it lists all exits in each state except for Texas, according to the Times.

So it’s not like the Lad is a weird map.

It’s just a map, a strange way to tell you where to go.

This is not the first time the Lad has made a map with odd-sounding names.

The map above is titled “The Lad’s Top 100 State Routes in the US,” and the top 100 is not “the top 100 in the United States,” but “the 50 states with the highest traffic accidents in the country.”

It seems the Lad had a pretty good idea about what to call the top-50 states, too.

That’s because in the early 1990s, the Lad was publishing a state road map called the Texas Highway Map.

The Lad’s “Top 100 State Route in the USA” was the same map, only with the words “Texas” written in a different font.

The map in question, however — and this is where the Lad’s bizarre naming conventions come in — is a little more obscure than most of the maps on the Lad.

The only thing that’s changed is that the Lad changed its state name to Texas in 2017, but the name on the roads themselves still has the same spelling.

The Texas Highway Maps website also has a map titled “Roads in Texas,” which is more commonly used for the state’s roads than the Lad maps, but it does list some interesting facts about the Texas highways.

It lists the average speed of each of the state highways, and a little background on how the state came to have so many highways, including the highway to San Antonio, the Interstate 40 to Houston, and the Interstate 15 to Dallas.

Some of the interesting information on the highway maps is also relevant to this article, because the Texas State Highway System is not part of the Interstate 35W bridge, which carries Interstate 35 through Austin.

That means the Texas roads on the Interstate map are mostly designed to be very straight.

And some of the roadways are actually narrower than Interstate 35.

But as we’ll see later, some of those narrower lanes are also very important for the interstate system.