How a road glide caused traffic jam on the Delhi-NCR highway

Delhi: A road glide on the NCR was blamed for the traffic jam that caused a police van to burst into flames and a police vehicle to explode on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at the junction of Jogeshwari and Hapur roads on the east side of the national capital.

According to officials, the accident happened when a police car travelling on the highway came to a halt when a vehicle travelling on a different road suddenly started going down a steep slope, sending flames and sparks shooting up and over the police vehicle.

“The police van suddenly burst into flame and exploded when it hit a wall of the highway,” said an official.

The accident was witnessed by more than 100 people who rushed to the spot, where it took over five hours for the incident to be recorded.

The road has been closed for several hours as the situation remains under control, officials said.

Police are investigating the incident.

According in the Times of London, the incident took place in the same locality where a similar incident took the life of a police officer in December last year.