What to expect when Wyoming road closures hit this weekend

The days of the weekend are fast approaching, and while some roads in Wyoming will remain closed, others will open up, with the exception of two key bridges.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect during the road closures and to avoid on your way to work.

Drivers in Wyoming:The majority of interstate and interstates are expected to remain closed for the next few days.

As of Sunday, drivers on the National Highway System (NHS) have access to only four major interstate bridges.

The most popular road closures will be the Interstate 50 bridge, which will be closed from the I-40 east to the I.W.C. bridge over the Wyoming River and Interstate 651 south to the border with Montana.

The I-405 bridge, meanwhile, is expected to reopen in mid-morning on Saturday.

The National Guard is providing road closures to all bridges in the state.

As for the IH-45 bridge, it will open to the public at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning.

A few bridges will also be open on Saturday and Sunday, with some traffic moving through them on both days.

The I-70 bridge will be open to motorists through Saturday, with most traffic moving in either direction.

The Interstate 70 bridge will also remain open to traffic through Sunday morning, with several motorists moving in both directions.

The bridges will open in both the morning and afternoon on Saturday, though motorists will be allowed to pass through at any time during the closures.

The Wyoming Toll Road, however, will close from the westbound side of I-80 to the eastbound side.

The toll road is open for traffic, but there is no parking for drivers.

The following roads are closed for weekend operations:The IH80 bridge will close in both direction from the interstate to the west side of the state on Saturday:The interstate, in both of its main directions, will remain open through Saturday and the weekend.

The highway will be shut down from the western edge of the I80 bridge to the eastern edge on Sunday:A few additional bridges will close for Saturday, including the IHS-15 bridge, the IHL-3 bridge and the IHD-20 bridge.

The closure is expected until the end of the week.

The weather conditions are expected for the weekend, with rain showers expected from Friday to Sunday and temperatures around 30 degrees.

The heaviest rain will fall on Saturday night, with winds in the 50-60 mph range.

Temperatures will drop into the low teens Saturday and into the upper 20s Sunday.