Lincoln Road Mall mall to reopen after two days of closure

The Lincoln Road mall in downtown Phoenix has been closed for two days following a series of accidents and vandalism.

The mall reopened on Thursday afternoon after the mall’s security was heightened to a “critical” level, according to mall spokesman Chris Broussard.

Broussards said the mall was shut down because of “suspicious activity.”

Phoenix police are investigating.

Broughton police Chief Brian Schiavello said in a statement that the mall is “in the process of establishing an investigation” into a shooting at a nearby business.

A spokeswoman for the mall said the investigation is ongoing.

No one was hurt in the incidents, Brouissard said.

Police did not immediately release information about who may have been involved.

Brawlsville police spokeswoman Erin O’Sullivan said a man who was shot during the incident and taken to a hospital were treated and released.

No suspects have been identified and no one has been charged.