Hawke and Dawson: I can’t wait to meet the new-look ‘The Road Warrior’

This year’s Road Warrior is set to be the first one since 2014’s Road To War, but there are still plenty of questions about the new film’s new stars.

Hawke is joined by Dawson, who plays a man who takes on a job as a road warrior after losing his legs in Afghanistan.

What will we see of the pair?

And will there be any new surprises in the film?

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What we know so far Hawke plays a road fighter who is killed in the war and returns to the UK to rebuild his life.

He is then forced to work as a car mechanic.

Dawson’s character, meanwhile, has become a road-warrior himself after losing both his legs.

He now works as a mechanic and a paramedic, but is reluctant to work in the army because of his traumatic injury.

What are the big questions about this year’s reboot?

What’s changed about the character’s looks?

Who is his dad?

Is there a new villain?

We’re counting down the top 5 things we’re most looking forward to in the new movie.

What is the Road Warrior?

The Road Warrior takes place in 2025, and it stars Tom Hardy as an Army Ranger who is recruited by his old enemy, the Taliban.

He returns to his home town to find a convoy of military trucks is on its way to an Afghan village.

He’s determined to rescue the people, but things go wrong.

The Road Warriors is set in Afghanistan, but the setting is entirely different to that of the 2014 film.

The new film is set 20 years after the original and is set between the war in Afghanistan and the end of the Cold War.

It’s set during a time when the Taliban is in power and the US has withdrawn from Afghanistan.

It also sees the rise of a new group of American soldiers called the Black Hawks, who have recently started operating in the country.

Where can we see the new Road Warrior film?

Hawke stars in the upcoming reboot of The Road To Warrior, which is expected to begin filming in November and is due to release in 2019.

The road warrior will also star in the forthcoming adaptation of The Dark Knight trilogy.

Dawson will be seen in the next two installments of the superhero franchise, with the latter being released in 2019 and 2020.

What about the rebooted Road Warrior sequels?

The original Road Warrior was directed by Christopher Nolan, and was set in 2025.

It was based on the novel written by Michael Bay, and stars a character called The Road Killer, who is a man of few words.

Dawson has been cast as the new road warrior, who will have to battle his way through a host of characters from the first film, including a robot-like character called the Road Guardian.

What’s the Road Warriors new look?

Hawker, Dawson and The Road Warrior will all return to the franchise’s trademark look, with new costumes and facial expressions.

Hawker will also be given his own vehicle.

The trailer for the new sequel looks very similar to the first, with a new soundtrack, and an extended take on the story.

What does it mean for the future of the Road War franchise?

The film’s director, Christopher Nolan was a big fan of the original, so there will be a lot of speculation about the future direction of the franchise.

Hawkes new look will be his first appearance since The Road to War, which took place in 2020.

Dawson is a veteran actor, who had to adapt the character of The Colonel from the comic book series, so he will need to adapt a lot from his past experience.

Dawson was also in the original Road Warriors, so the director might be tempted to give him his own superhero character, and give him a new look too.

The producers of the new reboot are still deciding what to do with the iconic road warriors signature red and white uniform.

What do you think?

Are you excited to see Hawke again?

Would you like to see Dawson return to his role?

Do you think we’ll see a return to old favourites like The Road Dog or The Road Hunter?