How to ride the Illini road with the Illinis newest road scooters

When you think of the Illinois road-going scooter you probably think of one of those oversized, big, and expensive, but they have a new addition to their lineup.

It’s called the Illinio Road Scooter, and it has been officially named the new road-traveling scooter of the year.

Its been officially designated the Illio’s “New Roadscooter of The Year.”

And, in addition to being the first scooter to have its own category, Illini is now the only brand in the world to win the prestigious National Roadster Award, which honors the best scooters in a given category.

The Illini Road Scooters are not only the best road-mobile scooters around, but also among the most innovative and practical.

Their versatility means you can go from the street to a local café and back in under two hours, and the ergonomics and materials on the bike make it a delight to ride, too.

But the biggest attraction of all is the ride itself.

The Illini’s suspension is so light that you can take it on and off your shoulders and on a bike without feeling cramped.

That said, you can’t beat the sound of the tires, or the ride quality.

And, while the Illinois Road Scoppers have to carry a $499.95 sticker price, you should be able to fit this bike in your pocket for less than $400.

The new Illini Scooters have a wide range of options, but one thing they have in common is a sleek design.

The bike has two seats, which fold up for easy storage.

And there’s also a rear rack that can fit a few other bikes as well.

In the rear seat, you’ll find a detachable storage bag for the bike.

The bike also has a variety of accessories and accessories that you don’t need to buy, like a rack for a car seat, a seatbelt holder, a helmet, a cellphone charger, a flashlight, and a smartphone case.

It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that your money will be spent wisely.

While we’ve already talked about the Illinos best features, including the bike’s versatility, the road scooby also has some more unique and exciting additions to the lineup.

For one, they’re going to be the first to offer a new color option called “Safari.”

These scooters are available in three color combinations, which means that you’ll be able choose from red, blue, or green.

There are also options for “Slim” and “Cotton” versions.

If you are in the market for a new road scoped scooter that you think will be perfect for your riding style, the Illis is your scooter.

The first model in the new line is called the “Folding Road Scooby,” which is a classic “S” shaped scooter for people who want to ride on their back or on a narrow platform.

The folding scoobys can be folded for transport or storage.

It features a rear seat for easy parking and a top-mounted seat for a comfortable ride.

There’s also the option to have the folding scooter attached to your motorcycle and ride it on the street, so that you are always ready to pull out the scooter when needed.

The second model in their lineup is called “Dynamo Road Scoot.”

This is a little different than the other two models in the lineup, in that it features a smaller, lighter frame.

The scooter can be ridden on your back or a narrow bike stand.

And you can attach it to a bicycle to add a little extra versatility.

The third model in this new line, called the T-Mobile Road Scote, is a bit more compact.

This scooter comes in two sizes, the “Sole” and the “Rear Seat.”

Both have the same top-loading system, which can be used for carrying a small bike or to attach to your bike or even a scooter if you’re riding a bicycle.

There is also a 3.7-liter engine that powers the bike, which is great for commuters.

If you want a bike that’s comfortable to ride and you want the best of all worlds in a road scoot, then you should definitely check out the “Illinois Roadscooters.”

The Illinios new roadscooters are sure to make you want to buy one.

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