How to Get the Most out of ‘The Seven Bridges Road’

“The Seven Roads is a beautiful and timeless book about love, sacrifice and the human condition.”

– The Hollywood Reporter “This is a powerful, moving and poignant portrait of the human journey and its challenges.”

– People “A riveting, moving, and moving story about a man who is trying to find the one true love in the world.”

– New York Times bestselling author of ‘Dirty Dancing’ “One of the most compelling narratives I have ever read.”

– BBC News Magazine “A compelling, moving tale of love, faith and redemption.”

– Time Magazine “In this book, the author offers a fresh, relatable look at the human heart and soul, and explores the deep mysteries of love.”

– Booklist “The author is one of the finest writers on this subject.”

– Lenny Dykstra, author of The Man Who Cried Wolf