Bike shoes in flux, new models hit shelves

More than 2,000 shoes are on sale for the first time, including a variety of new models like the Vibram FiveFingers and the Bontrager Flyknit, and more than half of them are now made in China.

A few hundred pairs of the new Fins will be available at the beginning of next month, according to a spokesman for the shoe manufacturer, with other styles expected to hit stores in March.

The Fins are among a new crop of high-end shoes that the Chinese company has been testing out in its new manufacturing facility in Shanghai, which has been home to a factory for more than two decades.

Many of the shoes are made in collaboration with Chinese brands, including Nike and Adidas, and are intended to appeal to the high-tech savvy of young women and the affluent Chinese population.

China is a big market for Nike and other high-profile brands in the world, and the shoe maker is trying to make the market more accessible for the rest of the world.

In May, China approved the first export deal with the world’s second-largest economy, after Canada.

Chinese officials said the new export pact will boost China’s manufacturing capabilities in the footwear industry, which accounts for nearly half of the country’s GDP.

On a trip to Beijing last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping told U.S. President Donald Trump that the U.K. and Canada should “take note of China’s high-performance footwear industry,” according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua.