Kerala school students protest over cancellation of ‘love jihad’ course

Kerala’s students have protested against a cancellation of a course that was being taught by the state’s highest religious authority, calling it “unethical” and “shameful”.

The All Kerala Council for Research in Public Health and Health Science (KACSHPHS) had been inviting students from Kerala’s two most prestigious schools, Vellore and Palakkad, to take a “love jihad” course at the school in the capital Kannur, the state home department said.KACShPHS said it was not a school course but an opportunity for students to “examine the relationship between individuals and the wider society”.

The course was scheduled to start on Tuesday.

The state home ministry did not say when it was to start.

It said it did not know who would be invited to take the course.

The college was founded in 1929.

Kerala’s education minister, B.K. Venkateswara Rao, said on Thursday the course was being held as an “instrument of cultural enrichment” at the college.

The college has a long history of “love Jihad” activities by extremist groups in the state.

Kannur’s high court on Thursday temporarily banned the KACShVHS from conducting the course, a move the court said would “ensure the security of the students”.

Kerala police have arrested several persons for allegedly inciting “love jihadi” groups to target Muslims in the country.KHUNA, an anti-hate and extremism group, said it has filed a petition with the high court against the cancellation of the course at KACshPHS.

The petition said the “love” course was a “propaganda of hate”.