What you need to know about the new toll road on the Interstate 40 corridor

Posted November 07, 2018 08:10:47A new tollway will be built to connect the toll road and Interstate 40 interchange at Indiana Toll Road in central Indiana.

The project will provide for an increase in the capacity of the interchange, according to a release from the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

The new interchange, to be known as the Indiana Toll Route, will be located on the eastern end of the I-40 corridor in northwest Indiana, between the I80/I80 Expressway in Irontown and the Indiana State Highway System (ISHS).

The I-80/ISHS interchange is the largest of its kind in the country, connecting I-440 in Indianapolis to the Indianapolis-to-Indianapolis bypass.

In a statement released today, Indiana DOT said that it was committed to providing a “world class” tollway service for the I40 corridor and that the new interchange will enhance the reliability of the existing I-400 and I-465 interstate highways.

The new project will be funded through the federal Highway Trust Fund.

It will also include $50 million to expand the capacity on the existing interstate highway to 10 lanes by 2020.

The State of Indiana is seeking $7 million in federal funds for the project.

The Indiana Toll Highway Authority (ITA) is the agency responsible for operating and maintaining the toll roads.

The project will create two toll lanes at the Indiana Highway 400 and the I200 interchange.

The construction will be completed in 2021.